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Teacher of the Year


Mr. Diaz has a plethora of educational experience and dedicated service to our school district, his community, and our country.   He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Elementary and Early Childhood Education from Temple University. He is Bilingual Bicultural Certified through Geogian Court University and ESL Certifed through Stockton Univeristy. He has been teaching for 25 years and is an ESL teacher at Roland Rogers since September 2006. He is a Founding and still active member of the District Community Advisory Committee and serves as Roland Roger's Community Liaison.

Mr. Diaz is a U.S. Navy veteran. He served as an Enlisted Sailor and later as a Commissioned Officer in the United States Navy. 


Mr. Diaz plays a major part in enhancing the culture and climate of Roland Rogers. During our special events, holidays, and celebrations, he always creates and provides real-life opportunities for our entire student body. Whether it's a school-wide Presidential Mock Election, the Multicultural Team Jeopardy Challenge, or his Veteran's Day presentations, he includes the entire school!

In 2020, as a result of virtual learning, our school implemented video daily announcements in which Mr. Diaz, our school's webmaster, freely took on this major project which has morphed into our highly anticipated morning news show for the entire school community for students watching in the classroom, online, or at home via live streaming! He has even created special educational broadcasts such as: Veteran's Day, Multi-Cultural week, Chinese New Year, and Black History Month presentations just to name a few. Teachers have used these presentations as an extended part of social lessons taught in the classroom.

During a time when educational and social limitations were in place, his desire to spread joy and knowledge through his creative video productions have effectively reached the entire school family in an informative and uplifting way. 


Mr. José Diaz
ESL Teacher
School Community Liaison
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