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Roland Rogers Elementary School's Independent Reading Program


Dear Parents,


Roland Reads is still rolling along!


Roland Rogers has a very successful reading program designed to encourage independent reading while improving students’ reading skills!  We need your help!


This program will require students to read independently at school, during Friday book clubs and at home.  We need you to work with us to encourage your child(ren) to read short stories, chapter books or novels on their own.  Parents are invited to participate in Friday book clubs!


Here’s how it works:


1) Students are given reading logs to take home to keep track of all the short stories, or novels they read. 

2)  Students complete a brief summation on their benchmark sheets in school. 

3) There are four benchmarks students must meet during the school year. 

4) Students are recognized for meeting benchmarks during morning announcements by me.

5) Students receive ‘reading –related’ incentives for their accomplishments.

6) Drawings are held on Sports Night and throughout the year for reading related incentives.

7) During the end-of-the year assembly, students are recognized for meeting the end-of-year benchmark and program completion.


Improving reading skills will make a huge difference in your child’s overall education.  


Thank you for your support!

Dr. Moore, Principal


Roland Reads 2022 –2023

4th, 5th and 6th Grade Students

September - May


· All Students are asked to read 1 book each month.

· All Students will receive 1 Reading Book log for the year.

· Parents are asked to initial each entry in the Reading Book log.

· Books must be school and student appropriate

· Books must be approved by teacher or librarian

Book Benchmark & Incentive Dates

Fall Benchmark Due: December 1st  

(for months: Sept., Oct., Nov.)

Winter Benchmark Due: March 1st  

(for months: Dec., Jan., Feb.)

Spring Benchmark Due: May 1st  

(for months: March, April, May)


Incentives Include

Reading bookmarkers, pencils, dog tags, brag tags, reading bears, award ribbons, gift cards & certificates, summer gift bag, medals and books!

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