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Welcome to Roland Rogers
Elementary School


Together We ROAR!  


Welcome to the 2023-2024 School Year!  



            Roland Rogers Elementary School is a culturally diverse, successful Professional Learning Community where the faculty, staff, parents and the administrators work collaboratively to increase student achievement, build good citizenship and respect the cultural diversity of our school family.


            We are excited to roll out our new school-wide theme; “Together We ROAR.”  R.O.A.R is our new Positive Behavior Intervention and Support (PBIS) program designed to 1. teach the importance of respect, 2. teach students how to recognize opportunities to be a good citizen, 3. teach students how to achieve at their highest level and 4. to teach students how to take responsibility.  


We are eager to continue all of the educational programs used to enhance student learning and citizenship, such as: Morning Academic Enrichment Club, Social Emotional Learning, Terrific Tiger Program, the Good Citizen program, STARRs, Student Council, Healthy Schools student-led vegetable garden, the horticultural project: Bird & Butterfly garden, the Roland Reads and Roland Reads Jr. Programs.  We are also eager to continue engaging parents through our “Partnering with Parents” Family Night Engagement events.


We pride ourselves on being recognized as a certified “Kindness School” and a certified Wildlife Habitat! We are continuing to work towards providing a bully-free climate, building collaborative relationships with parents, and providing an environment where students are important and taught the value of hard work and charity.  The benevolent efforts of our school family have supported various charitable organizations such as: St. Baldrick’s Childhood Cancer Research organization, the Beacon Church’s food drive, Galloway’s Let Us Eat Food Program, Field of Dreams, The Atlantic City Rescue Mission and The Funny Farm.  These efforts have instilled a since of pride and gratitude among our students!


Let’s continue working together.  Please get involved and help us, help your child grow socially, emotionally and academically. 


Dr. Robin L. Moore, Principal

Anthony Lupo, Assistant Principal

Computer Class
Raising Hands
Boys at School

Our Vision
Students will become independent learners and achieve their highest level of success.

Our Mission 
 The Roland Rogers Elementary School Community will provide Our students with a learning environment that is safe, nurturing, and challenging based upon high expectations for student achievement through collaborative instructions. 
Created by the School Planning Team, August 2012.

Our Definition of Student Achievement 
 “Students demonstrating individual success in academic, social, emotional and physical growth through acquisition of knowledge with every student working to his/her ability to become an independent learner.”  


Need Information?

Call (609) 748-1250

Roland Rogers Main Office  Ext. 2062

Ms. Gandy, Secretary           Ext. 2084


Ms. Lopez, Secretary           Ext. 2062

Dr. Moore, Principal            Ext. 2084

Mr. Lupo, Assistant Principal                                                                   Ext. 2062

Guidance/ABS                        Ext. 2029
Ms. Muzyka

Nurse -Ms. Finnegan             Ext. 2040

CST       Ms. Suckiel                 Ext. 2097
              Ms. Elevich                 Ext. 2056

              Ms. DeLeon                Ext. 2060

Cafeteria- Ms. Isgro               Ext. 2057

Library - Ms. D'Addario/        Ext. 2058

                 Ms. Hansberry

Mental Health Specialist     Ext. 2054 Ms. Cruz


Chorus                                       Ext. 2073 Mr. Little


Instrumental Music               Ext. 2122 Mr. Daly


Computer Technology         Ext. 2093   Mr. Dunn

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