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Appropriate Dress


Neatness of appearance of all students is encouraged. There is a relationship between personal appearance and conduct. Clothing must also be appropriate for activity, therefore, long skirts which hinder motion and which are a safety hazard should not be worn, nor should certain sandals, thongs (flip flops), and platform shoes be permitted. Halter tops and cleated athletic shoes are not acceptable for school wear. Sunglasses (unless prescription), hats, and other types of outdoor clothing are to be removed while the student is in the




Dress Code


Another measure to maintain a safe, orderly learning climate for our students is a dress code. This code provides guidelines for students to follow in dressing appropriately for the school setting. If a student is not dressed in an appropriate manner, an administrator will speak with the student and contact the parent/guardian as needed.  Please note that the district is not requiring specific clothing or telling a student what they must wear; rather, the list below explains what may not be worn.

● Jewelry/accessories which could be used as a weapon may not be worn.

○ This includes “wallet chains”, spiked collars, and the like.

● Sunglasses and hats may not be worn indoors.

● Clothing with slogans or pictures must be respectful for the school environment and for all staff and students.

○ Alcohol and tobacco logos, foul language, drug references, sexual innuendos, demonic messages, or etc. are unacceptable.

○ Maintain respect for Federally protected classes which include: race, color, religion or creed, national origin or ancestry, sex (including gender, pregnancy, sexual orientation, and gender identity), age, physical or mental disability, veteran status, genetic information, and citizenship.

● Any clothing, including accessories, which promotes, represents, or symbolizes a gang or gang mentality may not be worn.

● Shirts, tops, etc. must cover a student’s undergarments.

○ Shirts with sleeves less than two inches wide may not be worn.

○ Clothing that exposes the back, chest, or midriff may not be worn.

● Pants, jeans, shorts, etc. must fully cover undergarments.

○ Pants/jeans may not hang or drag on the floor.

● For safety reasons, flip-flops/sliders may not be worn.

● Outerwear/coats must be kept in the classroom closet/coat area or locker and not be worn indoors.


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