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The Board of Education believes that homework relevant to materials presented in class provides an opportunity to broaden, deepen or reinforce the pupil’s knowledge. Teachers must use discretion in deciding the number and length of assignments. The board encourages the use of interrelated major homework assignments such as term papers, themes and creative art projects.


Pupils absent for any reason must make up assignments, class work, and tests within a reasonable length of time. In most cases, a reasonable length of time shall be the same number of school days as the days missed. Pupils being excused for any reason must make arrangements with the teacher of the missed classes in order to make up the work missed. This must be done before the absence from class.


Incompletes: When a pupil does not complete work missed for absence or other reasons, he/she will receive an “incomplete” for the marking period. Pupils will be given 10 school days following the end of the marking period to make up the missed work. If work critical to the pupil’s understanding of the subject is not made up by the end of the next marking period, the grade for that subject area may be an “F”.


If work is missing during the final marking period of the school year, the grade will be left to the discretion of the teacher. The teacher who has given an incomplete is responsible for reporting to the pupil the work he/she has missed and citing the consequences mentioned above.

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