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Roland Rogers Arrival and Dismissal Procedures


School Arrival Times

  • 8:35 – student and bus arrival

  • 8:50 – homeroom and morning activities

  • Students are considered late after 8:50 a.m. If student arrives late, 
    a parent MUST sign in his/her student in the main office.


School Dismissal Times

  • 3:15 - Parent pick-up begins in gym

  • 3:20 – Students dismissed

  • 1:30 – Early Dismissal Days (dismissal procedures begin at 1:20 p.m.)

Arrival Procedures

Parents who wish to bring their child to school in the morning may do so
according to the following procedures:

  • Students must not arrive before 8:35 AM.

  • Students must be dropped off along the sidewalk in the “designated area”.

  • Non-Transportation students who choose to walk to school must not arrive before 8:35 AM. 

  • Non-Transportation students who choose to walk must use the designated crosswalks that are supervised by staff once they enter the school driveway.

Parent Pick-Up

Parents choosing to pick up their children may do so at the gym entrance in the front of the school. Doors will open at 3:15 daily and 1:30 during early dismissal days. Please remember to send in a note informing the office that your child will be picked up. If you forget to send in a note, please call the school NO LATER than 3:00.


  • Parents of non-transportation students who wish to pick up their child must sign their child out in the gym if they want to park in the school parking lot.

  • Students will not be permitted to walk through the parking lot to look for their parents due to the volume of cars and buses at that time.


Non-Transportation Student Pick-Up

Parents of non-transportation students may pick up their child after school in the “designated area” only.  Those parents who do not wish to use the “designated area” must follow the “Parent Pick-Up” procedures above. 


“Designated Area Procedures”

  • Arrival: Park (in parking spaces) and Walk OR Drop and Go

  • Dismissal Pick up: Park in parking spaces OR temporarily park a curb opposite buses

  • Please DO NOT park on curb directly in front of school (gymnasium)

  • Non-Transportation students will be dismissed with their homerooms and proceed to the “designated area” to meet their parents.  Students must remain on the sidewalk until their parents arrive and will not be able to walk through the parking lot.

Non-Transportation Students Who Choose to Walk

Students will be dismissed from school with their homerooms and escorted by staff to the sidewalk along the bus loop.  Students will then be met by support staff at the end of the bus loop and crossed onto the sidewalk along the Absegami High School sports fields. Students are expected to act appropriately and follow school rules on the way to and from school.

Early Dismissal Days

School Year: September 2023 - June 2024

The days listed below are days that the school will be dismissed at 1:30 p.m. (the dismissal process will begin at 1:20 p.m.)  If you meet your child at their bus stop, please keep in mind that the bus will arrive at your child’s normal bus stop earlier than the normal time.  

November 22nd

November 29th & 30th

December 5th & 22nd

January 31st

February 15th

June 13th & 14th

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