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Roland Rogers Elementary School is committed to embracing parents as active participants in their child’s education, recognizing that positive support from home is an integral part of a child’s academic success.


The administration, teachers, and staff will continually seek to engage our parents so that all students will receive an optimal education and the necessary skills required in this ever changing society.

Parents are encouraged to participate in activities, but not limited to: Family School Association, holiday celebrations, Scholastic Book Fair volunteers, Field Day, Career Day, School Safety Committee, MAT meetings, Academic Support, Family Night Activities, Field Week, and Parent Volunteers.


In order to build an effective, home-school partnership, Roland Rogers Elementary School will provide the following:


  1. An annual orientation meeting where parents will meet their child’s teacher and become acclimated to the school and district’s expectations.

  2. Have meetings/workshops with parents to discuss student achievement, including state assessment requirements.

  3. Day and evening meetings and conferences are scheduled in order to accommodate the varying needs of the parents.

  4. Multi- Disciplinary Assistance Teams (I & RS) provided to students in need of remediation, and parents are highly encouraged to attend and be an active participant of this process.

  5. Provide continuous communication through school website, eboards, blogs, School Messenger, progress reports, district web-site, and mailing to assist parents in understanding the school curriculum and student achievement. 

  6. Provide a school-parent handbook that outlines how parents, school staff and students share the responsibility for improving learning.

  7. School staff reflects on the effectiveness of family involvement programs and activities on a regular basis.

  8. School ensures access to services and information about nutrition, healthcare, services for individuals with disabilities, and support provided by schools or community agencies.

  9. Support for the District Parent/Community Volunteer Program at the building level.

  10. Provide communication and opportunities for parents to support the Roland Rogers Independent Reading Program.


Every effort will be made to communicate with parents in a format and language that is easily understandable by all.


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