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Student Values and Citizenship


The Roland Rogers Faculty and Staff believes that students should be equipped with the academic and social skills needed to be successful throughout the educational career and beyond.


We provide a supportive, caring environment where students are guided toward becoming confident and successful individuals. We place great emphasis on providing our students with extra-curricular programs and activities that are designed to build character and confidence.


Our value of the month, peer mediation, Anti-bullying, Anti-Violence and Vandalism Awareness programs are designed to teach respect, citizenship and self-confidence.

At Roland Rogers, we teach pride and encourage our students to practice the 4-Rs; Respect, Responsibility, Reach 100%, and Read!. We believe that a prideful student becomes a successful student.
We reward students for their academic and citizenship efforts through our STARR and Good Citizenship special recognition programs. These programs are just two of our character education programs that teach good citizenship and recognize students for their civic and academic successes! 


Good Citizen Values of the Month


September – Respect
October – Responsibility
November – Gratitude
December – Generosity
January – Pride
February – Leadership
March – Manners
April – Determination

May – Kindness
June – Honesty


Good Citizen Program


The purpose of this program is to teach good citizen values to students such as: respect, responsibility, gratitude, diversity awareness, anti-bullying, togetherness, helpfulness, maturity, honesty and friendship.  The purpose is also to recognize students who engage in good citizenship deeds and to teach them the importance of getting along with their peers, and respecting their peers, themselves and adults.  


Students in grades 4, 5 & 6 will be recognized and selected as Good Citizens by their homeroom teacher(s) on a monthly basis.  Every homeroom is asked to select one student a month.


Throughout the school year - students will engage in the following activities

  • Vandalism & violence week recognition activities

  • Writing activity: What makes a Good Citizen?

  • Good Citizen Luncheons

  • Anti-bullying assemblies

  • Spring clean-up good citizen project

  • Multi-cultural / Diversity Awareness day (Spring)



Criteria for selecting someone being a Good Citizen


  1. Student must exhibit one or more of the good citizen values.

  2. Student must have been given a good citizen certificate from any faculty or staff member.

  3. Student must have been given a good citizen certificate for doing a good deed.

  4. If a student received at least TWO disciplinary consequences from the assistant principal, they can not selected as a good citizen for that MONTH.

STARRS Logo.png

Staff, Teachers, & Administration, Recognize Roland’s Students


Students in grades 1 – 3 that have displayed a positive attitude, shown improvement, excelled in a particular area, or stand out for any reason can be nominated as a STARR! The STARR of the month will receive a certificate, a special prize, and have their picture displayed! Teachers are encouraged and select a different student each month.

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